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About McCormick and Associates provides services in the following areas:
  • Complete Bushing System Design for Direct Melt and ReMelt Operations
  • Bushing System Performance Evaluation and Improvement
  • Bushing Failure Analysis
  • Specialty Glass Melting and Forming Operations
  • Ultra High Temperature Melting and Forming
  • Project Management
  • Precious Metal Utilization Reviews and Management Consultation
  • Energy Utilization and Reduction Consultation
  • Electrical Heating, Melting, and Forming Systems
  • Pilot Facility Design and Development
  • Multi-level Remelt and Delivery Systems
  • Bushing Manufacture Recommendations
  • Tip Plate Manufacture Recommendations
  • Alloy Material Processing
  • New Fiberization Techniques
  • Forehearth Hardware
  • Bushing Installation and Operation
  • Cooling Fin Design and Manufacture
  • Forming Hardware Design and Manufacture
  • Electrical Power Bus System Design
  • Permanent and Startup Drain Bushing Systems
  • Precious Metal Reclamation

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